Whitley Bay Cycle

This 40km (25 mile) there-and-back cycle route will take you from the heart of Newcastle's Quayside, along cycle lanes by the River Tyne, all the way to Whitley Bay on the coast (& back) and all along mostly traffic-free cycle paths or quiet roads. There are plenty of delightful places to stop, rest, eat, drink and shop along the way so take your time and make a day of it!

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Overview of route (click here for a more detailed map):

We start this cycle route at the Gateshead Millennium Bridge (show on map).

Cycle due East (river on your right-hand side) and follow the signs for National Cycle Route No 72 Hadrian's Way for approx 15km to North Shields.

At North Shields, the cycle route changes to National Cycle Route 1 - follow these signs to Whitley Bay before returning the way you came (add an extra 5km each way to extend the route to visit St. Mary's Lighthouse where seals can sometimes be seen).

Some of the highlights of this cycle include...

At North Shields and at Whitley Bay there are lots of lovely places to eat and drink, including a very popular fresh seafood "street food shack" right on the beach at Whitley Bay (photo below)!

If you cycle further up the coastline at Whitley Bay you will come to St. Mary's Lighthouse where seals can often be found basking on the rocks.

Hope you enjoyed your cycle!

Ian from Walk Run Cycle

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Information from various sources including wikipedia.org.

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