Jesmond Dene Valley Circular

This 3.5 km (2.1 mile) walk takes you through the beautiful Jesmond Dene.  

Jesmond Dene is a unique haven of peace and tranquility for the people of Newcastle. It is a narrow wooded valley that follows the river Ouseburn between South Gosforth and Jesmond Vale. This provides an important wildlife corridor right into the centre of Newcastle. There is a spectacular mix of native and exotic trees, and the Dene is home to a lot of wildlife, notably the Kingfisher, the Red Squirrel and many woodland birds. The Dene stretches for over three kilometres and has many areas of tranquillity, as well as ‘honey pots’ of activity.

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We start this walk at the Ouseburn Park Visitor Centre by Millfield House within the Jesmond Dene Valley (Map Point).

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Jesmond Dene provides strong historical links with 19th Century industrial development and landscape design – Lord Armstrong’ s influence being very apparent. There is also a large network of paths and bridges throughout.

Near the entrance of Jesmond Dene, just off the Coast Road is Millfield House where this circular walk begins. This provides a range of activities including a Ranger Service Information Room, Conference Centre, café and toilets. This part of the Dene also has a large picnic area and a ‘Pet’s Corner’.

Limited parking is available but alternatively there are good public transport links, many buses stopping at the Cradlewell on the Coast Road (A1058). Other facilities in Jesmond Dene include Paddy Freemans boating lake, which also has a play area, toilets and a café open on weekends and holidays. The area can be reached along Freeman Road.

With your back to the Visitor centre, take the pathway that leads off the main Red Walk to head up the West side of the valley through the trees and out onto Jesmond Dene Road, near the corner with Benton Bank. (Map Point 1).

Turn left onto Benton Bank and then take the path on your left to walk over Armstrong Bridge with it's views back down into Jesmond Dene Valley.

Above: looking down from Armstrong Bridge into the Valley

Continue along the bridge to the far end and the main pathway on your left back into Jesmond Dene Valley.  Follow this pathway all the way back up through the valley, running alongside and to the right of the main Red Walk for much of it's length. 

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Towards the Northern end of the valley this pathway climbs up towards Paddy Freeman's Park.

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Follow the higher path around the edge of Paddy Freeman's Park and then follow the path down towards the Jesmond Dene Falls and Old Mill. 

Follow the main pathway (Red Walk) back towards the main Visitor Centre in the park where this walk began.

Hope you enjoyed the walk!

Ian, from Walk Run Cycle

Overview of Route:

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Information from various sources including wikipedia.org and the official tourist guide at newcastlegateshead.com. Map source files copyright openstreetmap.org